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The strengthening of reinforced concrete structures with FRP materials has received a considerable increment in recent years due to the high strength-weight and stiffness-weight ratios of FRP compared to other materials. An experimental programme was conducted in order to analyse the behaviour of different structural solutions to strengthen reinfor...


... The components were mixed together in a ratio of 2:1 by weight (resin: hardener) as recommended by the supplier, which should guarantee a Young modulus (E pt ) greater than 7.10 GPa and a minimum tensile strength (f pt, min ) of 15.0 MPa. However, based on earlier experiments carried out by Carvalho et al. 33 with the same commercially available resin, the corresponding tensile strength of this resin is f pt = 29.0 MPa and it has a rupture strain of e pt = 3.65%. ...