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The reliable authentication of user attributes is an important prerequisite for the security of web based applications. Digital certificates are widely used for that purpose. However, practical certification scenarios can be very complex. Each certiticate carries a validity period and can be revoked during this period. Furthermore, the verifying us...
Vortrag der GI-Jahrestagung: Sicherheit in komplexen, vernetzten Umgebungen, Workshop im Rahmen der Jahrestagung 2005 der Gesellschaft für Informatik Informatik LIVE!, 19. - 22. September 2005 in Bonn, Deutschland
The goal of a Public-Key-Infrastructure (PKI) is to prove whether a cryptographic public key is authentic for a certain user. This information is crucial for the reliability of asymmetric cryptographic methods. A widespread PKI has to handle an enormous number of queries for cryptographic certificates which attest the authenticity of public keys. F...


... Existing content delivery systems support elementary authentication services of the sign-all type [4], [5], [6], wherein packets are individually signed by their source. Since packets can be individually verified immediately upon receipt, this approach is fast in terms of playback at the receiver. ...