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This identification guide relies primarily on the use of keys and descriptive information to aid the use in identifying a grass species. It contains some of the best information needed to identify southern African grasses. Keys to grass genera and species are provided, and in some instances also keys to easily confused taxa. For each species, a com...


... This species differed, at once, from all the other known congeners in India with its fragile rhachis disarticulating into spiculated segments-a character found in Afro-Arabian species. On perusal of literature and articles available on this genus from India and Africa, such as, (Hooker 1897, Hutchinson & Dalziel 1972, Phillips 1975, Clayton et al. 2006, Fish et al. 2015 it became evident that it shared many similarities with a few, chiefly Afro-Arabian, species viz. O. minimum, O. capense and O. aristatum. ...