Teresa Redomero-Echeverría's research while affiliated with Università Degli Studi Roma Tre and other places

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Soft skills are important for any career and are necessary to access and face the labor market. This research focuses on soft skills by exploring engineer profiles. It also determines how soft skills are developed through the study of a representative sample of 314 undergraduate engineering students from 15 different Italian universities. The instr...


... They are crucial to individuals' development, by combining intra-and interpersonal characteristics, and attributes [14]. It is beneficial to develop and strengthen these skills [16], as it promotes self-efficacy [17], and, consequently, improves work performance [15,18], well-being and success [19] in overcoming difficulties [8], meeting goals, and completing tasks [10]. For this reason, the engineering education community has been addressing the transferable skills relevance in engineering courses [10,20,21]. ...