Teresa Ann. Golembiewski's research while affiliated with University of Wisconsin - Whitewater and other places

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A course on carnivorous plants is described. This course is offered annually at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as part of The Young Scholars program for primary school students, ages seven through nine. The Blood Thirsty Plant series by the Garath Stevens Publishing Company is the course text. Class activities include plant propagation by m...
Thesis (M.S. in Biological Sciences)--University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1984. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 82-85).


... Relatively little is known about primary student knowledge of carnivorous plants. Anecdotally, however, educators have noticed student interest in and enthusiasm for learning about carnivorous plants in informal settings (Golembiewski, 2005;Tunnicliffe, 2001). When asked if the Venus flytrap (VFT) is a plant, 36% of first graders in rural southeastern classrooms correctly classified it as a plant (Anderson et al., 2014). ...