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One of the main challenges in designing learning activities at the intersection of digital fabrication and solving complex problems is creating a motivating context to keep up children's engagement with the problem and going through the iterations of design thinking. Based on a four day out-of-school learning workshop with 18 children, we reflected...


... Starting from version-1 of the SWC, co-design [13][14][15] and user-centred [16] design approaches were taken through the active involvement of the end-users (rural and urban) along with the designers and rehabilitation professionalsphysiatrists, physical and occupational therapists. During the development of version-2 of the SWC, the immersive empathy approach of design thinking [17][18][19] was used for the empowerment of the wheelchair users. Members from The Spinal Foundation, an India based SCI self-help group, actively participated in the design process [20]. ...