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Compared to previous years, now-a-days women entrepreneurship is started with dozens, hundreds and even thousands but not to the needed level. 50 percent share of total population, the women, not even 3 percent are not in self- employment but nearly 30 percent women are employed. This phenomenon is not only in India but even in Global scenario. Thi...


... In India, women entrepreneurs usually faced gender base biases or discrimination in terms of economic and non-economic resource allocation and motivation towards funding women-driven enterprise but since the last decade government initiatives towards women, empowerment played a vital role in the recognition of women as an underutilized economic resource [6]. women entrepreneurship development transforms society in terms of women empowerment and socio-economic transformation [7]. The new generation of women entrepreneurship is primarily focused on the MSME sector and contributing to exporting, supporting large firms, and employment generation. ...