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By augmenting the real world with virtual information, Augmented Reality (AR) provides new possibilities for education. Although AR is frequently applied in educational environments, the value of AR applications in these environments is not yet investigated in its entirety. Additionally, educators face different directions of AR applications, which...


... Augmented reality is defined as a three-dimensional technology that supports individuals to understand and perceive the real world surrounded by objects created in a virtual environment (Leung & Blauw, 2020). In other words, augmented reality is a three-dimensional computer-generated graphics that create a bridge between virtual and real environments (Diegmann et al., 2015). Augmented reality-based applications differ from virtual reality applications that are created in artificial environments that have no connection with the real world, since Augmented reality-based applications allow real-time interaction, where virtual and real exist together (Carmigniani & Furht, 2011;Azuma et al., 2001). ...