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Participatory research methods connect researchers with relevant communities to achieve shared goals. These methods can deliver results that are relevant to people’s lives and thus likely to have a positive impact. In the context of a large and growing body of autism research, with continued poor implementation, and some evidence of community dissa...


... It represents an exercise in exploratory phenomenology and participatory sense-making [12,13], where we "let each other be" across our respective differences [14] and work together to explore our own and each other's experience [15]. In doing this, we also undertake the practical first steps in a quite radical form of the collaborative and co-constructed enquiry often now advocated for the field [16,17]. The implied provocation within our title reflects a central question that arose early in our inquiry: "How to characterize a difference like autism without constraining the freedom of identity or action of those falling on either side of its definition?" ...