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The EU is divided over whether to make changes to its climate targets following the Paris Agreement. According to the European Commission, the EU’s target to cut emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030, approved prior to the Paris COP, is in line with the Paris Agreement. This is because, the Commission states, the 40 percent target places the EU...


... Another line of diverging interests goes be- tween the energy-intensive industries that argue for a level playing field between the EU and major competi- tors, and the electric power industry shielded from competition outside Europe (Skjaerseth, Eikeland, Gulbranden, & Jevnaker, 2016). It has also been argued that the EU's climate strategy does not add up to the EU's 2050 target (Dimantchev & Schjølset, 2016), but relies on uncertain technological improvements and the progressive up-scaling of efforts after 2030. ...