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In West Africa, Harmattan-induced atmospheric and soil droughts represent seasonally recurring hazards for Theobroma cacao L. agro-ecosystems. Under the influence of the Harmattan winds, precipitation is impaired and air humidity and temperature reach stressful levels. Climate change is causing an increase in temperature that will drive up the evap...


... In cocoa, water use efficiency can vary greatly depending on the genotype and water conditions (Agudelo-Castañeda et al., 2018;Hebbar et al., 2020). Cocoa originates from a humid environment; therefore, it presents marked responses to water deficit, exhibiting a fast loss of leaf turgor, chlorosis, and chronic photoinhibition (Della Sala et al., 2021;Jegadeeswari and Kumar, 2019;Salazar et al., 2018). Although the rainfall regime in tropical regions where cocoa is grown is not considered a current threat, global climate change has projected significant changes in temperatures and rainfall regimes that can drastically affect these crops (Farooq et al., 2019;Hatfield and Dold, 2019). ...