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This study aims to explore indicate that lecturer learning performance is an important factor for lecturers in the Civil Engineering Education Study Program. Participatory altruistic leadership styles, competence, quality knowledge, smart working are very important to be measured to explain their effects on learning performance. If the lecturer has...


... (1) related to the rise of corruption cases, as a reflection of inefficient governance; (2) the number of neglected physical facilities development programs, as a reflection of the ineffectiveness of the wheels of government; (3) the tendency to carry out tasks that are more rule-driven and limited to carrying out routine obligations, as a reflection of the lack of creativity to produce innovation; and (4) there are still many complaints from the public because they are dissatisfied with the service quality of the apparatus, as a reflection of poor service delivery (Handayani et al., 2020;Morris, 2021;Numan & Islam, 2021;Snoek, 2021). This is a challenge for civil servant teachers to display innovative performance that is committed to quality to realize quality and better education (Asiyah et al., 2021). ...