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Some sensitivity analyses have been developed to evaluate the impact of uncertainty about the mean vector and the covariance matrix that specify the joint distribution of the variables in the nodes of a Gaussian Bayesian network (GBN). Nevertheless, uncertainty about the alternative conditional specification of GBN based on the regression coefficie...


... PrefixSpan(i, i, 1, S, ∆t); 9 Function PrefixSpan(α, iprev, l, S|α, ∆t) 10 ← frequent items in S|α meeting time constraint ∆t; 11 foreach item i in do 12 if i = iprev then 13 α ← append i to α; 14 Build S| α using full projection; 15 Output α ; 16 PrefixSpan(α , i, l + 1, S| α , ∆t); ...