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2020) Three new Entoloma species of the Cyanula clade (Entolomataceae, Agaricales) from (sub)alpine habitats in Northern Norway and Sweden.-Sydowia 73: 185-196. Three Entoloma species belonging to the Cyanula clade from (middle-) northern boreal and alpine areas are described as new to science. Entoloma montanum, E. nordlandicum, and E. septentrion...


... ). E. norlandicum is another closer species and the major differences of E. norlandicum from E. swatica include dark brown, non-translucently striate pileus, lamellar edge white to pinkish concolorous to lamellae, terminal elements of pileipellis bigger (80-120 × 6-20 μm) and presence of caulocystidia(Noordeloos et al. 2021).Our phylogenetic dataset shows that E. swatica is closer to E. roseotinctum Noordel. & Liiv, but E. roseotinctum is different on account of its greyish pink, non-hygrophanous and non-translucently pileus, pink-colored free lamellae and grey stipe. ...