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Rural populations are closely dependent on plant resources for their daily needs. Fruit productivity of these species is an indicator of their economic potential and their capacity to regenerate. This is also fundamental to define sustainable management strategies of species. The present study assessed the fruits and seeds productivity of four fore...


... The fruit production increased significantly with the diameter. Similar results were reported on other species in tropical Africa such as Adansonia digitata (Sanogo et al., 2015), Swietenia macrophylla (Snook et al., 2005), Vitellaria paradoxa (Bond e et al., 2019), Kigelia africana, Vitex doniana (Agbani et al., 2017), Lannea microcarpa and Afzelia africana (Haarmeyer et al., 2013;Nacoulma et al., 2016). This can be explained by the fact that individuals with large diameter have high capacities to capture more nutrients for their vegetative development (Rosa et al., 2014) and reduce water stress through their well-developed crown and root systems respectively. ...