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The Bolivia Reader provides a panoramic view, from antiquity to the present, of the history, culture, and politics of a country known for its ethnic and regional diversity, its rich natural resources and dilemmas of economic development, and its political conflict and creativity. Featuring both classic and little-known texts ranging from fiction, m...


... The concept of azmapu encapsulates the idea that humans and non-humans and all that is present is a way of being, it is a spiritual and physical statement that describes not only relationship to land, but also to what is under the earth, space and sky (Loncon forthcoming). It is difficult to explain in western language and logics, but very complete from Indigenous perspectives and from what are called the epistemologies of the south (Dussel 2015, D'Sousa Santos 2015 and political ontologies (Escobar 2014) or the reflections of 'good living' (Thomson et al. 2018). ...