Simona Čerteková's research while affiliated with Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra - Slovenska posnohospodarska univerzita v Nitre and other places

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Lavandula species are one of the most useful aromatic and medicinal plants and have great economic potential. The phytopharmaceutical contribution of the secondary metabolites of the species is unquestionable. Most recent studies have been focusing on the elucidation of the genetic background of secondary metabolite production in lavender species....


... The secondary metabolites composition of lavender essential oil is mainly influenced by the genetic makeup of the plant, but also the environment and the propagation factors can heavily affect it (Demissie et al., 2012;Habán et al., 2023;Muñoz-Bertomeu et al., 2007). In line with previous studies (Aprotosoaie et al., 2017;Białoń et al., 2019;Giuliani et al., 2023), the chemistry of these essential oil samples revealed that monoterpene and its oxygenated derivatives (monoterpenoid) comprised more than 95% of this essential oil. ...