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The waste created by single-use plastics is an important global issue, especially in marine environments, because they do not degrade in nature. This work aimed to study the biodegradability of bioplastic blown film, which may pose a solution to this problem. Polybutylene succinate (PBS) and polylactic acid (PLA) blown films were chosen for examina...


... we invited contributions to address these broad research themes. Contributions to this special issue were mainly focused on the degradability of bioplastics (e.g., Audrézet et al., 2022;Miksch et al., 2022;Pinnell et al., 2022;Phosri et al., 2022) and there was also a study by Garcia-Vazquez et al. (2022) promoting consumer behaviour to reduce the use of single-use plastics. Here we summarize, using a Word Cloud, the keywords used in these five studies published in this special issue (Figure 1). ...