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A smart hybrid energy system (SHES) is presented using a combination of battery, PV systems, and gas/diesel engines. The economic/environmental dispatch optimization algorithm (EEDOA) is employed to minimize the total operating cost or total CO2 emission. In the face of the uncertainty of renewable power generation, the constraints for loss-of-load...


... This independence can be achieved, on the one hand, through the management of endogenous fossil resources, such as coal, oil or natural gas, but also, from the perspective of decarbonizing energy production, by the use of renewable energy sources [2,3]. This balance between using (or even replacing) fossil energy forms with renewable alternatives allows countries like Portugal, which do not have their own coal, oil and natural gas resources, to reduce their trade balance with third countries by decreasing imports of energy products [4][5][6]. On the contrary, the utilization of plentifully accessible internal resources such as favorable solar exposure, ample winds, and even the existence of watercourses with energy generation potential (although this possibility is hindered by some unpredictability and intermittency caused by the changing weather conditions) enables Portugal to secure an escalating proportion inclined towards the use of renewable energy sources [7]. ...