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The present research offeres a model to the advantage of operations for the food reverse supply chain by perfor-mancing Industry 4.0 Revolutions model of expanding a fuzzy multi-phase model for the food waste gathering reverse supply chain. This study introduces, a household waste recycling machine, which symbolizes the Industry 4.0 Revolutions. Al...


... Brewer's spent grains were collected from a local brewery (Mahou San Karlović et al., 2020;Rachwał et al., 2020;Severini et al., 2015). From a circular economy viewpoint, an integral bioremediation and valorization of brewery by-products relies on implementing bioreactors and identifying suitable microorganisms (e.g., yeast and fungi) to degrade this material and produce valuable compounds (Bianco et al., 2020;Gmoser et al., 2020;Mohajeri et al., 2021;Xiros and Studer 2017). ...