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Physical educators are expected to develop activities that promote psychological and physiological benefits for children during their pre-adolescent years, especially in pre-K through third grade. One of these skill components is the development and acquisition of stability or balance. This article describes how to use pedal-less bicycles to teach...
This article describes how to use balance boards to improve children's balance, coordination, leg strength, upper-body strength, and core development.


... During a glide pattern, the children do not have any direct contact with the ground since their feet are up in the air, thus, they need to explore and acquire dynamic balance with the bicycle in order to cycle [15]. Considering that balance acquisition is a key element for cycling [14,16,17], promoting gliding on the BB could enhance the children's dynamic balance control, thereby accelerating the transition to a traditional bicycle with pedals. To better understand the learning process with a BB, it is important to categorize the different cycle patterns that might emerge while the children use it and to try to identify the control parameter that promotes the transitions between these patterns. ...