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The subject of the study is a set of theoretical and methodological aspects of development strategy formed for objects (country, region, branch, enterprise) on the basis of the life cycles theory under the external environment uncertainty. The methodology of strategic planning under the external environment uncertainty with the consideration of the...


... Life cycle management has been applied to pharmaceuticals (Modi 2017), agriculture (Ortiz-R et al. 2014;Ruviaro et al. 2012), real estate (Ristimäki and Junnila 2015), electronic systems (Hammer 1981), the health sector (Daidoji et al. 2013), corporate life cycles and their cyclical movements (Pai et al. 2014;Reis and Augusto 2015;Habib and Hasan 2018), knowledge management (Evans and Ali 2013), activity based costing (ABC) (Kallunki and Silvola 2008), the construction industry (Gundes 2016), in inventory management (Elsayed and Wahba 2016), the strategic planning methodology (Kniazieva et al. 2018), financial reporting Habib and Hasan (2018), and to SMEs (Kurczewski 2013). ...