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This study explores the diversity of factors that influence human–leopard relationships in Himachal Pradesh, India. Looking beyond the socio‐economic and ecological dimensions of human–leopard conflict, it documents the multifaceted nature of human–wildlife relationships. We carried out a qualitative analysis of human–leopard interactions based on...


... On the one hand, this could hint at how carnivores are increasingly being considered a part of coupled human and natural systems. In reality, it is mostly species from the Family Felidae (specifically the large catstiger, leopard, snow leopard, and Asiatic lion) that have been studied through an attempted interdisciplinary perspective (e.g., Ghosal et al., 2015;Dhee et al., 2019). Although interactions with large cat species typically have significant impacts on people and their property (Treves and Karanth, 2003), several other carnivore species also routinely interact with people, their livelihoods, and everyday lives. ...