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The aim of this study was to perform a systematic review on the clinical applications where chorion membrane (CM) and amnion/chorion membrane (ACM) were used for oral tissue regeneration procedures. Selection of articles was carried out by two evaluators in Pubmed and Scopus databases, and Outcomes (PICO) method was used to select the relevant arti...


... Chorion membrane (CM) and amnion/chorion membrane (ACM) have emerged recently as the optimal choice for the GTR membrane. In addition to biocompatibility, low immunogenicity, permeability, stability, and resorbability, they also possess antifibrotic, antiinflammatory, antimutagenic characters, and pain-relieving effects [84]. Several researchers have found that CM and ACM could be applied for treatment of intra-bone and furcation defect, gingival recession, alveolar ridge preservation, maxillary sinus membrane repair, and large bone defect reconstruction, but further studies are needed to provide experimental evidence and particularly to demonstrate their role in tissue regeneration [85]. ...