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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) includes an extended Body Scan (BSc) consisting of sequential inquiry into various physical sensations, as well as cognitive and emotional reactions to them, through a combination of focused awareness and open monitoring. While MBSR instructors are trained to use language intentionally, discursive mechanism...
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Mindfulness has been associated with better psychological and physical health; although, the mechanisms of these benefits are poorly understood. We explored the role of mindfulness in stress-health pathways among undergraduates at a large public university. Participants reported on demographic and academic variables and completed data collection at...
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Poster presented at the Mind & Life Institute’s International Symposium for Contemplative Studies, Boston, MA.
This chapter summarizes the history and key features of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), a time-limited, group-based behavioral medicine intervention that predated and influenced contemporary applications of mindfulness in cognitive behavior therapy. A description of the structure and curriculum of MBSR focuses on the body scan, Hatha Yog...
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Poster presented at the 10th Annual Scientific Conference of the Center for Mindfulness, Norwood, MA.


... Our study' result was similar to the previous researches, in which better perceived health was significantly related to higher mindfulness in many diverse groups. Such as, the general population [61] and university students [62], HIV [63], and fibromyalgia [49] samples. ...
... In recent decades, the use of Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBIs) in clinical settings, and research regarding their effects on various health-related outcomes have increased rapidly. Mindfulness practice was initially secularized and brought to clinical settings by Jon Kabat-Zinn with the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR) [44]. Taken together, the use of MBIs is wide spread, and the preliminary research in this field shows that antenatal MBIs are feasible and appreciated, and systematic reviews motivate further research in a field that shows promising results [4,18,46]. ...
... These three practises are related to each other, as mind and body are powerfully connected. Nevertheless, it has been pointed out that body scan and Hatha yoga are particularly interconnected; both are intimately tied by establishing a way to observe body sensations in which the body is in complete contact with the physical world (Dreeben et al., 2013). Considering the above and in order to avoid the confusion of labels, body scan and Hatha yoga will be classified as body-centred practises and classical meditation as mind-centred practises in this study. ...