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Purpose Collaborative inter-agency working is of paramount importance for the public protection agenda worldwide. The purpose of this paper is to disseminate the findings from a research study on the inter-agency working within adult support and protection (ASP) roles in the police, health and social care. Design/methodology/approach This realis...
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Background & Context: Protecting and supporting vulnerable members of society is a fundamental aspect of many different professionals including police, doctors, nurses & social workers. This necessitates working across organisational boundaries to develop collaborative styles of leadership & multi-agency working. It is a challenging undertaking for...


... In light of increased research and policy interest in joint working, evidence has emerged on the practicalities, strengths and barriers of interagency partnership. In relation to health and social care, research has highlighted a number of difficulties including conflicting professional perceptions (Hudson, 2002), lack of understanding of the roles and remit of external agencies (Fraser, 2019;, struggles in delineating responsibilities (Reed, Cook, Childs, & McCormack, 2005), competing professional agendas (Drennan et al., 2005;Regen et al., 2008), problematic information sharing (Christiansen & Roberts, 2005;Ling, Brereton, Conklin, Newbould, & Roland, 2012;Sundari, Klein, McCluskey, Woolnough, & Diack, 2018), and lack of guidance for leaders and managers (Dickinson & Glasby, 2010). Similar challenges have been found in connection with housing and health (Cameron, Lloyd, Turner, & Macdonald, 2009;Cameron et al., 2007;Sharples, Gibson, Galvin, 2002) but there is a lack of more recent research exploring the impact of current approaches. ...