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Background Postural balance is important to allow us to maintain the daily life. Poor postural response and reduced motor activity were shown to be most prominent among obese persons than in non-obese. It is found that obese elderly groups show a high prevalence of fall and supposed that adipose tissue distribution may be considered as a major fact...


... During the dynamic transition from quiet standing to maximal forward-leaning position, in addition to the COP range (the range of leaning), the COP velocity (velocity of leaning) can provide a better insight into the control of the postural stability 17 . Few studies have indicated the deterioration of functional stability during standing in the obese adults 11,[20][21][22][23][24] . The studies have shown that during the LOS test the obese subjects presented a reduced range of forwardleaning 11,23,24 and a reduced average 23,24 and maximal 24 velocity of leaning compared to subjects with normal BMI. ...