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Author Summary It remains an open question how AID-mediated gene diversification is targeted to the immunoglobulin loci. Here we define a cis-acting sequence, named DIVAC for diversification activator, which is required for hypermutation of the Ig light chain gene and sufficient to activate hypermutation at various non-Ig loci in the DT40 B cell li...
(A) Targeting strategy of the GFP2 reporter into four different loci on chromosome 15. (B) Targeting strategy of the GFP2 reporter into the A-MYB, RAD52, BACH2, and BCL6 loci. The targeting strategies used for the insertions into the AID and the RMD1 loci were described previously [2],[29]. (1.87 MB EPS)
Green fluorescence decrease in individual primary transfectants. (A) GFP2 reporter in the vicinity of the IgL locus. (B) GFP2 reporter in non-Ig loci. (0.11 MB XLS)
Comparison of GFP gene expression levels analyzed by semi-quantitative RT-PCR of primary transfectants belonging to the stepwise deletions series of the ‘W’ fragment. (2.27 MB EPS)


... Our platform features naïve Ig gene diversification mechanism of DT40 cells. Not only AID but also other factors such as translesion DNA polymerases, 37,42,43 error-prone DNA polymerases, 37,42,43 and the diversification activator (DIVAC) [44][45][46][47] have been implicated in the introduction of hypermutations in DT40. Although the initiation of AID-mediated SHM has not yet been fully understood, the intrinsic gene diversification mechanism itself is expected to be the key element supporting successful antibody maturation. ...