S.O. Ihimbru's research while affiliated with THE UNIVERSITY OF BAMENDA and other places

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A comparative study on the discoloration of methylene blue (MB)and slaughter house waste water (SHW)using maize cob biochar produced by a laboratory constructed burning chamber was undertaken in this study. Contact time, pH, initial MB and SHW concentrations, mass of biochar and temperature were used to evaluate the efficiency of the biochar in dis...


... A global estimate of about 1.5 millionTons/year phosphates is discharged in to freshwater systems from both diffuse and point sources annually with the domestic sector contributing 54%, followed by agriculture (38%) and industry (8%) [2]. Slaughter house activity also significantly pollutes water sources as 29% of the total freshwater used in the agricultural sector worldwide are consumed by the meat processing industry alone [3]. Tanning involves the transformation of animal hides into leather that can be used to make handbags, shoes, belts, etc [4]. ...