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More than 5 million Canadians take part in recreational angling each year, spending over 50 million days fishing on open water. Recreational anglers contribute to environmental lead deposition through the loss of lead fishing sinkers and jigs. East year lost or discarded fishing sinkers and jigs amounting to an estimated 500 tonnes of lead, and rep...


... Modifications in the behaviour, social interaction patterns, life history, food web dynamics (Arlinghaus et al. 2017a) induced by the timidity syndrome could have severe consequences at the levels of population and ecosystem. Other issues related to RA such as the episodes of losing or leaving fishing gear in the water, littering of nylon lines, poisoning caused by the lost angling gears (sinkers, jigs) containing heavy metal lead (Scheuhammer et al. 2003) etc. could deteriorate the health of the water bodies (Cowx 2002;Asoh et al. 2004). ...