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Animals that feed on fruits have the potential to play a key role in vegetation dynamics, assisting in plant succession and maintenance of floral diversity. Seeds may be ingested, passed through the gut and voided to the soil. Through this action seeds are dispersed to new sites (endozoochory). Removal of pulp from fleshy fruits during transport th...


... Seeds form an important dietary component for many Australian mammals (Quin 1985;Murray et al. 1999;Gibson 2001;Bice & Moseby 2008). Australian seed-eating mammals are recognised as potentially important seed predators (Ballardie & Whelan 1986;Auld & Denham 1999;Mills, Gordon & Letnic 2018), but the extent to which they disperse seeds via endozoochory has received little research attention (Williams et al. 2000;Cochrane, Friend & Hill 2005). Seed predation should not automatically be equated with seed removal as some seeds may be dispersed via caching or endozoochory (Hulme 2002). ...