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The anuran lower jaw is composed of three pairs of bones: dentaries, angulosplenials and mentomeckelians. Although the lower jaw is toothless, except in Gastrotheca guentheri, enlarged fangs or odontoids have evolved at least four times independently in some myobatrachids, hylids, ranids and leptodactylids through both parallel and convergent evolu...


... There remains a need to verify that the mandibular dentition of G. guentheri is composed of true teeth. Alternatively, these structures may be bony odontoid serrations (i.e., pseudoteeth) as seen in some other anurans, such as the mandibular odontoids found in Cornufer guentheri and species of Hemiphractus (Shaw 1989;Fabrezi and Emerson 2003;Paluh et al. 2021), which would indicate that they do not represent a "re-evolved" trait. If true mandibular teeth are present, they may be degraded or simplified, such as through the loss of enamel or a bicuspid shape, due to deterioration of the odontogenic pathway. ...