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Eggplant is highly responsive to various tissue culture techniques. Somatic embryogenesis and direct organogenesis are widely studied protocols in this crop, but potential of regeneration varies with genotype, explant and culture media supplemented with different combination and concentration of growth hormones. The genotype is the most important f...


... The direct regeneration potential differs with the explant type used on a well-defined MS medium. Different explants have been found to show a differential response to regeneration on culture media having different combinations of cytokinins and auxins (Sidhu et al., 2014b) (Table 1). Hypocotyl, cotyledon, root, leaf explant had the different morphogenetic potential for numbers of adventitious shoots on different combinations of plant growth regulators (PGRs) (Mir et al., 2008;Sharma and Rajam, 1995;Zhang et al., 2014) (Table 1). ...