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Inspired by teleost fish scale, this paper investigates the possibility of implementing stiffness control as a new source of robots dexterity and flexibility control. Guessing about the possibility of biological scale jamming in real fish, we try to understand the possible underlying actuation mechanism of such behavior by conducting experiments on...


... Generally, for a mechanical part, the stiffness mainly depends on the material properties and structural features, and several methods of stiffness modulation have been proposed in past decades . jamming mechanism to realize stiffness modulation by exploiting the friction present between layers of thin material [26]; Zuo et al. designed a sheath that can switch between flexible and rigid modes using a novel "Dragon skin" structure and a negative pneumatic shape-locking mechanism [27]; Sadati et al. reported a variable stiffness mechanism by using a low hysteresis helical scale jamming interface inspired by teleost fish scales [29]; and Sun et al. designed a toothed pneumatic actuator to achieve a variable stiffness inspired by pangolin scales [32]. Most of these particle/layer/scale jamming methods can achieve a high stiffness, however there exist several shortcomings: the soft gripper contains rigid components, exerting certain negative effects on its flexibility and compliance; the appendant jamming mechanism decreases the structural compactness, while increasing the fabrication complexity; and the stiffness modulation is usually coupled with the bending deformation of the grippers. ...