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People react aversely when faced with unfair situations, a phenomenon that has been related to an electroencephalographic (EEG) potential known as medial frontal negativity (MFN). To our knowledge, the existence of the MFN in children has not yet been demonstrated. Here, we recorded EEG activity from 15 children playing the ultimatum game (UG) and...


... Furthermore, previous work focusing on repeated one-shot games, suggested that unfairness arising from the discrepancy between self-other reward amounts in the UG engages autonomic arousal systems in humans (for example, cardiac response or skin conductance), also predicting participants' accept versus reject decisions 33,34 . Nevertheless, the role of pupil-linked central arousal systems during social interactive decision-making remains mostly unknown apart from one study conducted in a limited number of children (N = 15) which suggested that pupil dilation in response to viewing faces indexes familiarity with the face 35 . Considering that our UG task was specifically tailored to allow participants to experience an evolving interpersonal negotiation environment, we asked healthy volunteers (N = 44) to perform the novel experimental task while undergoing pupillometry and explored the role of pupil-linked central arousal systems in social interactive decision-making. ...