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This paper presents and discusses sea-level rise in Venice and past temperature changes over Italy during the Little Ice Age (LIA), through the analysis of proxies and early instrumental readings. Instrumental records are available from 1872 for sea level and from 1654 onwards for temperature but with a gap from 1670 to 1716. For earlier periods, d...


... The estimates are also inaccurate because of the damage to the canal walls and building basements caused by motor boats; the venetians call this phenomenon motondoso. Measurements of CM position within four days made by Italian experts [7] at 80 buildings facing the Grand Canal showed that CM = 47 ± 2 cm at gage datum, i.e., the contribution of waves to sea level variations is 17 ± 2 cm. In 1727-1758, painters Antonio Canaletto and his nephew Bernardo Belotto used portable camera obscura to paint views of Venice with amazingly accurate details, in particular, the position of CM. ...