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In this paper we will combine various proxies and instrumental readings, i.e.: written documentary sources since the origin of Venice; evidence from visual arts referring to 1709, 1789 and 1791 as well as some pictures taken in 1929 and 2012; finally, instrumental observations since 1716. Of course, all documentary evidence provides insight into pa...


... Camuffo et al. [99] worked on the reconstruction of temperatures in the Mediterranean Sea over 500 years through the combination of more and less recent data derived from instrumental observation and historical sources for times that preceded modern scientific measurements. Camuffo et al. [100] could also derive evidence of extremely cold winters in the lagoon of Venice from local documentary sources, including not only archival documents but also the visual arts and early printed books. The most daring proposal has been to derive biological proxy about the past sea levels of the lagoon of Venice, from 1350 to 2014, from early-modern depictions of green algae in Venetian canals, and to integrate them with information about past sea levels inferred from the height of the stairs of historical palaces on the main city canal, the Canal Grande [7]. ...