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The high number of missing persons reports, which is globally reported each year, explains the interest in conducting research in this field. The missing persons phenomenon is complex and multifaceted, and therefore it requires an appropriate response from the involved institutions. One of the main law enforcement challenges in the investigation of...


... Internationally, recorded missing person statistics consistently highlight the scale of the operational challenge faced by police in this area and the need for research to facilitate prevention and maximise the effectiveness of multi-agency response (Ferguson & Soave, 2020;Gong et al., 2017;National Crime Agency, 2016;National Crime Information Center-FBI, 2017;Spanish Ministry of Interior, 2020;Stevenson & Thomas, 2018;Todorović & Butorac, 2017). Central to this is the need to develop critical understanding of the risk factors that may provide an early indication of cases likely to end in a harmful or fatal outcome (García-Barceló et al., 2019). Our purpose in the present research is to make an important first step in this regard by examining whether key missing person factors can be used to statistically determine outcomes and typologies (García-Barceló et al., 2020a, b, c). ...