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Little published information exists about Eulophia obtusa, a showy and distinctive species previously recorded from North India and Nepal. It is here reported from Bangladesh for the first time. The population occurring in Bangladesh may represent a distinct colour form, with pure white instead of bright yellow sepals and petals as in previous reco...


... The flora of Bangladesh comprises a total of 3873 species of Angiosperms including 262 new records (Haque et al., 2012;Rahman et al., 2016;Rahman and Hassan, 2017;Islam and Rahman, 2017;Sourav et al., 2017;Ara, 2018;Ara and Hassan, 2018;Islam et al., 2018;Uddin et al., 2018;Uddin 2018;Alfasane et al., 2019Alfasane et al., , 2020Hossain et al., 2019;Huda et al., 2019) reported so far after the publication of Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh by Siddiqui et al. (2007Siddiqui et al. ( -2008 and Ahmed et al. (2008Ahmed et al. ( -2009. ...