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BIOCYBERETHICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MEDICINE The aim of this work is to expose the main ideas behind the Genetic, Nanotechnology and Robotic Revolution and make a bioethical approach to some of the possible issues related to it. The rol of Higher Education in this issue is also explore from an ethical point of view.


... The human costs associated with AI systems, such as the impact on teachers who must adjust their curriculum, are also silenced in the literature, regulations, and policies (duBoulay, 2023;Floridi, 2023). The field lacks critical reflection on the challenges and risks associated with AI in HE, as well as a strong connection to theoretical pedagogical perspectives (du Boulay, 2023).However, studies often disregard the continued marginalization of already marginalized groups in the integration of AI into education, including people with disabilities and ethnic minorities(Green, et al., 2022). Despite the appreciation of human-centered approaches, regulations on human-generated data and AI ethics in education are lacking(Dogan et al., 2023). ...