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To date, most of what is known about K-12 online learning from the media and literature is focused upon experiences in the United States. However, virtual schooling first began in Canada in 1994-95. Over the past fourteen years, there has been little federal funding for the development and research of K-12 online learning in Canada. This has largel...


... A study conducted by Mutanga and Walker (2017) on the perspectives of lecturers on students with disabilities at two universities in South Africa revealed that lecturers had little to no knowledge or skills on how to handle students with disabilities and make suitable adaptations for them. In the same vein, Barbour (2010) argues that, one of the biggest challenges faced by teacher/lecturer education programs is the general lack of known models on which to design courses that will support educators in teaching and supporting students with disabilities through online school experiences. Svendby (2020) also states that there is still so much prejudice, uncertainty and little knowledge regarding disability and ways of adaptations amongst lecturers at higher learning institutions. ...