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Destructive communication is a problem within the NHS; however previous research has focused on bullying. Rude, dismissive and aggressive (RDA) communication between doctors is a more widespread problem and underinvestigated. We conducted a mixed method study combining a survey and focus groups to describe the extent of RDA communication between do...


... These antisocial behaviours have been widely investigated in various professional environments, including healthcare. More recently, low-intensity negative interactions have also become a concern for organisational researchers. 1 Rude, dismissive and aggressive (RDA) communication, 2 as well as insensitive and disrespectful behaviours, are some of the manifestations of 'workplace incivility' 3,4 or 'interstaff incivility'. 1 Typical examples include belittling comments or dismissive gestures (eye rolling, lip sounds, sighs and muttering), skipping greetings, gossip, social exclusion, unavailability, impatience with questions, and condescending language or voice intonation. Workplace incivility has been defined as 'a low-intensity deviant behaviour with ambiguous intent to harm the target, in violation of workplace norms for mutual respect'. ...