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The Dutch government has to operate in an extremely complex environment with various actors who have different interests, in a time that can be considered highly uncertain. Although this makes the usefulness of and need for futures research evident, the question remains how the Dutch government uses futures research in its strategy and policy forma...


... Berze (2014) estimates that around 10 percent of national governments have established some sort of foresight function. For example, recent scholarship has addressed public sector foresight in Singapore (Ho, 2012), Japan (Kharrazi and Kakuwa, 2017), Iran (Paya and Shoraka, 2010), Russia (Kuzminov et al., 2017), Hungary (Nemeth et al., 2018), the United States (Fuerth and Faber, 2012), Canada (Schmidt, 2015), the United Kingdom (Georghiou, 1996;King and Thomas, 2007), Sweden (Paillard, 2006;Höjer et al., 2011), Denmark (Andersen and Rasmussen, 2014), the Netherlands (van der Duin, 2009;van Twist, 2013), andColombia (Popper et al., 2010). Cross-country comparative analyses include Habegger's (2010) examination of exemplary foresight programs in Singapore, the UK, and the Netherlands, and Kuosa's (2011) comparison of Finland, Singapore, and the EU. ...