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The study focuses on the causes of haulage entry fires involving trolley wires or trolly wire-powered vehicles. These trolly-wired vehicles are used to transport personnel, machinery, supplies, and, at times, coal.
The objective was to determine if degrees of hazard relative to fire source or location could be construed from information contained in the reports. We specifically looked at the propensity for fires to cause injuries and fatalities as well as the need to seal the area in order to extinguish the fire.


... The mine fire is a complex physicochemical process, it will not only cause the massive high temperatures and noxious gas, but also causes the massive loss of coal resources, even destroys the entire mining system [8] [9] [10] . ...
... In the past long time, many researches have been done for mine fire, which provide scientific foundation for mine fire prevention [5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]. Now the research on airflow control scheme during mine fire period is still in the qualitative analysis stage and one of the most famous methods is enclosed loop method. ...