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Radar is without alternatives for the study of broad‐scale aerial movements of birds, bats and insects and related issues in biological conservation. Radar techniques are especially useful for investigating species which fly at high altitudes, in darkness, or which are too small for applying electronic tags. Here, we present an overview of radar ap...


... Radar can help test the short-range light attraction hypothesis, thanks to its ability to resolve and make measurable the movement speed and direction of hundreds of birds over distances of one to several kilometers as they depart their colonies in darkness (Day & Cooper, 1995;Hamer et al., 1995;Bertram et al., 1999;Day et al., 2015;reviewed in Hüppop et al., 2019). There are numerous types of radar technology that can be used for this purpose, many of them capable of resolving individual birds (reviewed in Hüppop et al., 2019). Multiple radar units can also be used to expand the area of detection. ...