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The TISS standard is a set of mandatory forms and electronic messages for healthcare authorization and claim submissions among healthcare plans and providers in Brazil. It is not based on formal models as the new generation of health informatics standards suggests. The objective of this paper is to model the TISS in terms of the openEHR archetype-b...


... Also the openEHR was elaborated as a tool for modeling Hospital Information Systems on a regional level based on a national logical infrastructure. Other noticeable works include the archetypes reuse for modeling the EHR of children affected by cerebral palsy [25], the adoption of the openEHR standard for the development of an EHR for methadone treatment recording and decision support [26], the validation of openEHR archetypes for the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite [27] and the modeling of healthcare authorization and claim submissions using the openEHR dual-model approach [28]. Even though openEHR has been exploited by several researchers and developers, none of the existing solutions has investigated its use for the comprehensive formal modeling of older people's health, making this an important research issue. ...