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Large scale parallel file systems with multiple storage tiers require policy driven data management to facilitate efficient storage and access of large-scale data. However, management of data across the tiers is challenging due to the massive scale of data being stored. In this talk, we present our initial work on QuickSilver, a lightweight flexibl...
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QuickSilver is a lightweight , flexible and distributed policy engine to manage data on a tiered Lustre filesystem. QuickSilver is composed of single-purpose agents that handle tasks such as gathering file metadata, enforcing policy decisions, and executing policy actions like purging or data migration. These agents are designed to communicate usin...


... A well chosen default file system setup can ensure that newly created files get written to the performance tier and utilize that tier's superior performance. For instance, Lustre [2] allows storage with different characteristics to be configured into separate OST pools while allowing user files to be visible under as a single unified namespace. However, to distribute files to the appropriate tiers, users must make sure that the file's striping layout is set to use the correct pools. ...