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This study investigated the mediating effect of service performance on the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention of BPO workers in Davao City. In order to do so, this study employed the quantitative research design using the descriptive and correlational method via mediation analysis. Using proportionate stratified random sam...


... Organizational behavior studies have recognized job satisfaction as a key phenomenon of work-related attitudes, where it is manifested by employees' affective reactions and/or cognitive reactions (Organ & Near, 1985) toward job characteristics, rapid changes in work design characteristics and modes of executing daily work in organizations (Hilton et al., 2023;Vieira et al., 2023). Employees who are satisfied with job tend to demonstrate positive actions, such as career success (Alzubi, 2022), job performance (Temory, 2023), work productivity (Hilton et al., 2023), organizational commitment (Vieira et al., 2023), and decrease job turnover intention (Cole & Castro, 2023). Hence, this positive action can lead to induced positive organizational outcomes by increasing business and organizational performance in times of global competition (Osman et al., 2022;Vieira et al., 2023). ...