Renáta Bóbics's research while affiliated with Szent István University, Godollo and other places

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Background Data of mushroom nitrate content from scientific studies is limited. There have been two such recent investigations (mainly regarding certain cultivated species). To obtain comparable analytical data, we analyzed 134 samples of 54 taxa gathered and prepared by our Department.ResultsThe mushroom species were evaluated according to their n...


... There may also be a possibility of nitrate to nitrite conversion and of methaemoglobinaemia. In our studies, we analysed the nitrate content of samples of wild and most important cultivated mushrooms representing different nutrition types (Bóbics et al., 2016). Low and relatively constant nitrate levels were characteristic for mycorrhizal and wood-destroying mushrooms (216 mg/kg DM and 228 mg/kg DM, respectively), while the variability was wider in the saprotrophic group (150-12750 mg/kg DM). ...