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Three new species of Pselnophorus are described from the Nearctic region. Pselnophorus chihuahuaensis Matthews, Gielis, and Watkins, Pselnophorus hodgesi Matthews, Gielis, and Watkins, and Pselnophorus kutisi Matthews, Gielis, and Watkins, are described and distinguished from the only previously named Nearctic congener Pselnophorus belfragei (Fish)...


... An intensive study of the Ecuadorian Pterophoridae began in the end of the 20 th century and continues nowadays. The Pterophoridae fauna of Ecuador includes about 130 species (Gielis 1996(Gielis , 1997(Gielis , 2002(Gielis , 2003(Gielis , 2006(Gielis , 2011(Gielis , 2012(Gielis , 2013(Gielis , 2014(Gielis , 2016Landry & Gielis 1992;Gielis & Matthews 1994;Matthews & Miller 2010;Kovtunovich et al. 2016). The richness and diversity of natural zones in Ecuador together with the equatorial climate, favorable for the plant and animal world, allows suggesting that this region will still be a significant source of faunal findings and of Pterophoridae species new to science. ...